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Roberto Jimenez Senior editor

My Editor is a graphic application for embroidery digitizers or punchers, which allows you to view and edit digitized embroidery design files for machines used to create patterns on textiles.

The program supports more than 30 embroidery design formats, including Experience, Wings 2000, Sef xp, Aps DOS, Tajima, swf, Saucer, Pfaff, Singer, happy, Brother, Janome, Melco, and more.
From the Setup Wizard you can specify if you want the program to handle all the formats or just the Experience and Wings 2000 formats. One of its advantages is that it includes different macros and templates to open a design of any format and save it into another. You can also export a design as png, jpeg, bitmap, and tiff image formats.

The program includes three viewing panels: the editing window where you can edit the designs, e.g. change the colors, move, copy, or crop objects, edit stitches, etc.; a sequence viewer where you can add commands such as borer, sequin, low speed, etc.; and the Image map where you can zoom or pan the view of the design.

Although the program doesn't allow you to create new designs, you can find a lot of web sites that include thousands of designs that you can edit.


  • It supports more than 30 embroidery design formats.
  • It includes different macros and templates to open a design of any format and save it as into another one.
  • You can export a design as png, jpeg, bitmap, and tiff image formats.


  • Regitration is required to download the program.
  • The program only allows you to view or edit existing files but you cannot create new files.

User reviews for My Editor

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    Guest 1 day ago

    Does My Editor work with Windows 10?

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    Guest 9 months ago

    How do you download the My Editor software?

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      Nordine Bjerke 9 months ago

      Dear Guest,
      Kindly follow the developer's website link to fill in the registration form and download the application:

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    Guest 10 months ago

    I can't figure out how to resize my design once it is downloaded and zipped.

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What's new in version 5.0

These new release of my editor software adds support to the latest .NGS file format.

Publisher's description

My Editor™ is a Free, simple viewing and editing software with some innovative features and functions. It was mainly developed to provide the capability to view and modify supported embroidery files and then re-save them in any of the available embroidery file formats. It can be very helpful for any user who wants to make simple changes to his embroidery designs. It will help you view your designs with actual thread colors, make changes and add information in them. It also includes extra browsing and saving capabilities, as well as tools for better production and material management.